Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 6

Skipped a day again. I spoke too soon when mentioning that I didn't have any morning urges. Day 5 was probably my peak urge since I quit. I hated the world  this day. Drank lots of liquor of course but lots of water and juice.
Day 6 greeted me with a morning urge similar to Day 5. I am hating the world again today. Increased my nicotine gum usage to quell this problem.
To assist the urge fight, I'm allowing myself to eat junk like shakes and ice creams. Surprisingly not putting on weight  considering that EVERYTHING tastes better...even water. AND to combat over-indulging in soda, I've stocked up on flavored carbonated water. I'm not soda free, have allowed myself a fountain drink here and there...One thing at a time..smoking first.

Another day gone by, Day 7 is my scheduled slip. We'll see how that cigarette tastes Sunday morning.

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